PhotoWallArtPrep Submission

The easiest way to submit your photo is to email it to me along with the information I need to assess your request.

Click here to send an email to me at Here’s the information I need (the easiest thing is to copy the text below and paste it in the body of the email):


Email address (if different from the email address you are using to send me the photo):

The dimensions of the print you want to order (width x height):

What website or service you are using to print the wall art. (This helps me double check their requirements.)

Do you want me to crop the photo to fill the print size? If so, I will only crop in one dimensions (left/right or top/bottom). Give me direction on what you want to stay in the photo so I can crop it to fit the printed photo aspect ratio.

Do you need a gallery wrap added to the photo? If so, according to the site you are using to print the canvas, how big is the gallery wrap in inches?

Confirm that you have permission to use this photo and certify that it is not pornography, violence, exploitation, discrimination, or other illegal or harmful content.

Include the above information and attach the photo to the email. I’ll let you know usually within 48 hours if I can create a file for you. If I can, I’ll send an invoice you pay by credit card.